Bathroom Suites

Where can I recycle? »

Some recycling centres have re-use areas and will advise if your items are suitable. Alternatively you can dispose of them at most larger household waste recycling centres.

If you’re getting rid of a bathroom suite or bathroom furniture that is in good condition and could be used by someone else, consider the following options:

Get selling and make some money…

  • Put an advert in the local newspaper;
  • Take to a car boot sale or bring and buy sale;
  • Sell online at places like eBay and Gumtree.

Pass it on…

  • Ask family and friends if they have a use for your unwanted sink or bath;
  • Go online to give it away – try sites like Freecycle and Freegle.

It’s broken – what can I do?

When sinks, toilets and baths are cracked, badly chipped or generally past their best they can be disposed of at your local household waste recycling centre (aka ‘the tip’).

  • Bathroom suites/furniture is large and bulky, so if you are using a van to transport it, check with the recycling centre whether you need any permission or ID to do so. Also check the opening hours, which can vary for cars and vans;
  • Some recycling centres will ask you to put these items into the Hardcore and Rubble skips, while others have skips just for ceramic items;
  • Taps should be removed and placed in the Mixed Metal skips;
  • Check with your council to see if they provide a collection service for larger, bulky items (there may be a charge for this).