Where can I recycle?

Most women have an unwanted bra or two lurking in the back of a drawer. From the pretty impulse buy that turned out to be uncomfortable or impractical, to that unsuitable gift… If you have a bra to dispose of, consider the following options:-

If in ‘new’ condition, get selling and make some money

Sell online at places like  eBay and Gumtree Sell locally at nearly new and bring and buy sales

If in good but worn condition, pass it on

  • National charities such as Against Breast Cancer, the Breast Cancer Campaign and Oxfam collect bras for recycling – they raise funds for the charities and most bras are sent to developing countries where these items are not readily available. You can find your nearest collection point on their websites;
  • Donate your bra to your local charity shop – make sure they accept bras though as not all accept items of underwear unless it is new;
  • Charity recycling bags that come through your door often take bras – check the list of items normally shown on the bag.

If unsuitable for re-use, recycle them

Bras can be recycled in clothing and textile containers at household waste recycling centres.