Where can I recycle?

You can usually recycle food tins and drinks cans in your household recycling collection or at your local recycling centre;
Food tins and drinks cans are made from steel or aluminium. Both of these items are 100% recyclable and can be reprocessed again and again without loss of quality.

To find out how cans are recycled, take a quick look at this animated video:

How should I recycle food cans?

  • Give cans a quick wash out to remove any food remnants;
  • Labels do not need to be removed (unless your council has advised otherwise);
  • Squash them (if possible) to save space in your recycling bin.


Remove the lid completely when opening the tin. Empty the contents and then rinse out the tin. The edges can be sharp so carefully place the lid into the bottom of the tin, then slightly squash it so the lid does not fall out.

Every Can Counts

To help us recycle our drinks cans wherever we are – whether at work, at college, at an event or festival or simply out and about – the Every Can Counts campaign is working hard with a range of organisations to provide drinks can recycling facilities.

Did you know that one in every three drinks cans sold in the UK are drunk away from home? The metal these cans are made from is endlessly recyclable, so it’s important that it is saved rather than thrown away. Especially when you consider that each can could be recycled and be back on sale as another can – in just 60 days.