Garden Waste

Where can I recycle?

Some councils provide a special bin for your garden waste and collect it as part of your household collection scheme. If you don’t have this type of collection service or your bin is full, you can recycle garden waste at your nearest recycling centre.

How should I recycle garden waste?

  • If your council provides a sack or bin for garden waste, make sure you follow any special instructions for what can and can’t be included;
  • Please do not include any other items in your garden waste recycling, unless your council tells you that it’s ok.

If you are taking your garden waste to your local recycling centre, use a strong, durable bag (not a black bin liner) and try not to overfill it. That way it’s less likely to tear and once it’s been emptied, you can take it back home with you, ready to use next time!

But why take it out of your garden at all?

Composting at home is an easy way to recycle it yourself! See our pages for more detailed information.

What can I recycle?

  • Leaves and flowers;
  • Grass and weeds;
  • Tree bark and pruned branches;
  • Clippings and twigs;
  • Home-grown fruit or vegetables.