Where can I recycle?

Some catalogues can be recycled but this does vary from area to area.  It also depends on the type of catalogue. Check with your local council to see if you can pop your old catalogues in your local recycling collection scheme.

Different types of catalogues:

  • ​ Some catalogues have just a few pages – you often find these included in newspapers. If they have a plastic wrapping, please remove this before recycling with other paper;
  • Some catalogues are a similar size to the monthly magazines you can buy. If your council accepts magazines in your recycling, you should be able to recycle these types of catalogues too. Check with your council to find out;
  • Other types of catalogues have hard covers and are very thick. You should check with your council if you can recycle these. Some will allow you to recycle them if you remove the hard cover, but check with them first.