Wine Bottles

Where can I recycle?

Most glass bottles and jars can be recycled.  Recycling collections vary across the country so you will need to check if you can put your glass items in your recycling bin or whether you will need to take them to your local bottle banks or to the recycling centre.

How should I recycle glass?

  • Bottles and jars should be rinsed to remove any residue;
  • Metal tops/closures can be put back on – these will be removed in the recycling process. However, some local councils specifically ask for them to be removed – if this is the case in your area, please follow this guidance;
  • Corks should be removed – natural corks can be home composted;
  • At bottle banks, put the glass in the correct bank for clear, green or brown glass. Blue glass goes in with green glass;
  • Only use bottle banks during the day – the sound of smashing bottles can make a real racket and disturb people who live nearby!
  • Remember not to litter the area around the bottle bank with your empty bags and boxes.

Are there glass items I CAN’T recycle?

Yes, these items include:

  • Window panes;
  • Light bulbs;
  • Glass ovenware such as Pyrex;
  • Glass electrical items.
  • These items can be disposed of carefully with your household waste/rubbish bin.

What else can I do with it?

Return it!

If a bottle is returnable it is better to return it, rather than to recycle it. For example, if your milk bottle came from the milkman, make sure he gets it back!

Can I do anything else with it?

  • Re use old jars when making homemade jams and chutneys;
  • If you know anyone who brews their own wine or beer, donate your glass bottles to them.

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