Love Food Hate Waste

The Love Food Hate Waste campaign aims to raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste and help us take action.

Did you know?

The average UK household throws away the equivalent of six meals every week, costing us as a nation £610 million a year in Wales, or almost £60 a month to the average family.

We throw away a staggering 210,000 tonnes in Wales of household food, which could have been eaten. Almost half of this food goes straight from our fridges or cupboards to the bin, and doesn’t even make it onto our dinner plates. 


Love Food Hate Waste shows us how to get the most from our food and cut down on the amount of perfectly edible food we throw away.

The average family in Wales throws away almost £60 worth of food each month!

Love Food Hate Waste highlights the easy steps we can take to waste less food and save money.

  • Perfect portions – cooking just the right amount
  • Planning meals and buying only what you need
  • Storing foods in the just the right way to keep them fresher for longer
  • Understanding date labels and making them work for you
  • Increasing your cookery skills and offering recipe tips and advice
  • hundreds of recipe ideas

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