Smarter Shopping

When shopping, look for longer-lasting, harder-wearing products that are reusable, refillable or rechargeable rather than disposable.

Think about:

Rechargeable batteries (they will save you cash too)

Hankies which can be washed and used again rather than single use tissues (this will reduce the amount you put in your black bag)

Use washable cloths rather than disposable cloths and dusters saving you money on the long run

Buy reusable razors where the head can be replaced, rather than throwing all of it away

Try reusable cloth nappies (Real Nappies) instead of disposable ones

Buy table cloths and napkins that can be washed rather than buying the throw away alternatives

If your have a BBQ or party avoid using disposable plates and cutlery and use the real thing that can be washed and reused for another time. Did you know that some supermarkets provide a glass loan service if you are having a party (sometimes this is a free of charge service)

Always aim to buy products that come in refillable packaging, this will save packaging and money in the long run

Stop buying disposable lighter and invest in a refillable one instead

Always remember to take reusable bags with you to the supermarket to save being charged 5p for one each time. It helps to store your bags in your car boot so you won’t forget.

Did you know, your supermarket will replace a broken bag for life for free! Simple take it in and exchange at the check out.

Use our advice to help you to make better purchases and become a smart shopper!

By making Smart Shopping decisions, we can reduce our impact on the environment by reducing the amount of waste we produce.

Less waste means less energy and raw materials being used to make new products which reduce green house gas emissions and helps keep valuable materials out of landfill sites.