Beginners guide to reuse

If you want to reuse more, but don’t know where to start, this is the page for you.
Reusing something again is a great way at prolonging its life and keeping things from ending up in landfill.


Pay your local charity shop a visit by donating unwanted clothing, household items and books
If you’ve upgraded your PC or stereo, try donating the old ones to your nearest school
Find out if there is a furniture reuse scheme or charity near you that would be willing to take your item off your hands.


One persons junk is another person’s treasure! Have you tried making some extra cash at a local car boot sale, online or in the local paper?
Ebay, freegle, freecycle and Gumtree are all great places to sell or, if you have outgrown baby and children’s clothes, ReLIKE also donate to charity every time a bundle sells.


Fix it don’t bin it and save yourself a heap of cash. If it can’t be repaired, take it to one of your nearest recycling centres.
Why not try and spruce up old furniture rather than throwing it out. It’s amazing what a bit of eggshell paint can do for a tatty pine cupboard.
We’ve got loads of practical tips and list of how you can turn everyday things into useful items.